As we head into the holiday weekend (here in the UK!), we thought we’d share a quick tip with you about how you can split up your normal opening times if you want to operate ‘sittings’ in your restaurant.advpartialopen

Lots of our users contact us and ask if they can amend their opening times on a certain date so that they only allow bookings at very specific times. An example of this would be if on a Sunday you usually opened for lunch between 12pm and 3pm however, because it was a holiday, you might be doing a set menu and want to have the first set of customers all arriving at 12pm and then the second sitting of customers arriving at 2pm. Can we do this with simpleERB? Yes!

partialopensWithin advanced settings, you’ll see the opening times tab and within this you’ll be able to select partial open times. The times you enter here will override your normal opening hours on the date you specify.

Very simply, you select the date you wish to partially amend and the times that you wish your diary to be open. If you are doing sittings just make the last order time the same time as your opening time and then set the close time for a timeslot just before your next sitting. Make sure that your turn time fits into these sittings otherwise you might find that the timeslots will be closed.

Repeat these steps for your second sitting time. Your diary will then only have the 12pm and 2pm slots open for customers to book. Your simpleERB diary will also reflect this.

Have a great weekend and if you’ve got any questions or are looking to solve a problem, just email us at



Reviews can be extremely valuable to a restaurant owner. Not just the good ones either. A bad review could arguably be more useful. It helps you identify any weak points and lets you fix them. We read this article about monitoring online reviews and how to harness their influence recently and were surprised that now over 67% of restaurant goers want to read reviews online before they dine at a restaurant. The thing is though, you don’t want your customers to read just about negatives, you want the good reviews to be visible. That’s why simpleERB has a feedback feature.

get reviews direct, filter the good and bad

The get customer feedback feature within simpleERB sends the customer a link when they make a booking which they can visit and leave a review which then gets sent straight to you, the restaurant owner. You can set up links to your social pages (Facebook, Trip Advisor etc…) and with one click at the end of the customer review, you can send them a link to your Trip Advisor profile and ask them if they would like to share their review there. If you’d rather they didn’t share their feedback in public, then you can contact the customer directly. simpleERB also remembers your customers, so you’ll easily find their contact information.

To start managing your customer feedback effectively, login to your simpleERB account now or create a free account. You’ll find this feature in the advanced general settings.


simpleERB has gone through quite a few changes in the last couple of years, with more new features in the pipeline, and we noticed the video on our homepage was beginning to look a bit retro. We’d almost forgotten that simpleERB even looked like that.

So, like budding Steven Spielberg’s, we donned our filmmaking hats and settled into our directors chair and came up with the below video. I’m sure the Oscar is in the post…

Feel free to share this with anyone you think might be interested in simpleERB and remember, you can create a completely free account to try all of these features out at

The walkin function might be, of the many features on simpleERB, the one that could save you the most time.

We know that when a customer comes in off the street, you just want to allocate them a table quickly and the last thing you need is to be asked for name, phone number, email address or dietary requirements before you do that.

When you use the walkin button on simpleERB you won’t be asked to enter any details, it will just confirm the table that has been allocated and then a generic booking will appear in your diary.

how to I add a walkin?walkin man

It couldn’t be easier. At the top of the bookings screen, you’ll see the grey ‘man’ button. Simply click this button and select your desired timeslot on the booking slot by clicking ‘make booking’. The screen (pictured below) will open and then all you need to do is click save booking. The booking will be allocated a table and will appear, along with all of your other bookings, in your diary.

walkin screenstill capture customer data from a walkin

If you’re a bit worried that you might lose valuable customer info from adding a walkin, don’t worry! You can revisit the booking and click the show customer fields button. This will allow you to add any data you got from the customer, at a later time. Just don’t forget to click save!

You can setup a free simpleERB account now!

We were quite interested to read this guide on setting up a new restaurant but couldn’t help notice that there was little focus on technology or indeed, researching an ERB. Of course, we’re a little biased in this area but we do think it’s important. As well as all the bricks and mortar stuff, you should spend time looking at how technology is used in your business. The old days may often be labelled as ‘good’, but tech has massively improved how we work and reach people.

An ERB, like simpleERB, can help you save time and keep your business as organised and efficient as possible. As well as avoiding common issues such as ‘2’s on 4’s’, simpleERB allows you to individually tailor your restaurant. An ERB can help you with table availability, turn times and allocation depending on how your restaurant is running that day. simpleERB can also provide you with a booking widget for you to place on that shiny new SEO-optimised website. We’ll even do you a widget for your Facebook account which we’re sure you are successfully using to engage your followers!

simpleERB also gives you instant access to your customers database, so you can connect with them via emails (on your well-researched email marketing programme!) anytime you want. Our ERB can also encourage interaction through direct customer feedback which you can then ask the customer to post on your social media sites.

It’s extremely important that you set your business up well from the outset but using technology to keep the business running smoothly could prove just as important in the long term.

You can set up your restaurant for free now at


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