We are constantly throwing new ideas around in the simpleERB test lab. Some, we think are great, others, less so. The good ones usually become part of simpleERB. We also have ideas scribbled on bits of paper that have been there so long, the ink has begun to fade. Every now and again, something will come along which validates something that we had already thought about.

So, we were interested to read a study recently carried out by the University of Michigan about ordering food via a touchscreen. The study shows that as a diner, you are more likely to interact and feel stimulated about certain menu items if there is a visual or physical (touching a screen) element to the process of ordering a meal.

Aside from the increased appeal of certain menu items, ordering via a tablet or electronic device allows you to update your menu without re-printing tens (or hundreds) of new menus and opens up the possibilities of linking to your POS or ERB! The orders could also go directly to your kitchen brigade creating a more seamless and efficient restaurant operation whilst avoiding those occasions where your waitstaff get waylaid on their way to the POS to enter the extra drinks or food that the customer just ordered.

We’re hardly traditionalists here at simpleERB but we still appreciate that asking your customers to order via a tablet rather than a good old paper menu may seem more favourable to restaurateurs but technology is changing the way we work all the time. It might not be too long before the days or a dog-eared menu go out with the trash.

Setting a minimum time between booking & arrival is one of our neat new features. Set minimum time between booking & arrival in widgetIt allows you to set your online booking widget to only accept bookings a certain period of time in advance.

We’ve said it before but with smartphones commonplace it has never been easier to book a table at a restaurant whilst standing outside and then to walk in 30 seconds later.

Whilst we know that you’d like to have as many customers in the restaurant as you can accomodate we also realise that you might need time to prepare for a table coming in or that you might not have had time to update your diary with the latest walkin booking.

How to add minimum time between booking & arrival to online bookings

To add a minimum time between booking and arrival to your online bookings, go to the widget settings in your simpleERB account and select an interval from the list of times.

This has been one of our biggest feature requests to date. If there’s anything you’d like to see as part of simpleERB, drop us an email!


We alluded to some big changes that we had been making a few weeks back and we’re pleased to say that many of these features have now been launched to simpleERB users in our latest simpleERB updates.

We get a lot of feedback and it’s important for us to understand how our users use simpleERB. Everyone is different and in fact just this morning we saw one of the restaurants who use simpleERB using the system in a completely different way than we had imagined. A guest list for a nightclub.

For the last 6 months we’ve been going through suggestions, developing the ideas and getting further feedback and yesterday, we added some long-awaited features to simpleERB.

Set widget on only allow bookings at certain increments

The biggest query we get from users is; Latest simpleERB updates

“Can I set the booking widget to have a minimum time that people can book online before they arrive. We get people who book and we don’t have enough notice that they are arriving”

Good news! We’ve now added to your widget settings the ability to set your widget to only allow bookings at certain increments in advance of the booking time.

We’ve also updated some of the advanced adatesdjustment menus. Some of these previously were set up so that you if you wanted to change a turn time, or if you wanted to close a date, you had to do this each day or one date at a time. Now you can amend these as a block of dates, on certain recurring days or as you were on a specific date.

New bookings view

In bookings view, we’ve added a new tab that allows you to see all of the bookings which have been added to your diary today regardless of which date in the future they are. Like an activity log. There’s also a downloadable report for this.

To give you a bit more information on a customers booking, we’ve started logging in the booking notes where the booking came from (waiter/widget) as well as leaving a note if a member of staff changes the covers on that booking.

As well as these features, there are a whole host of smaller features and improvements which we have made as well as squashing some pesky bugs that wouldn’t go away. We’ve also still got more improvements up our sleeves!

We hope these features are a welcome addition and don’t forget, if there’s something you’d like to see or if there’s something which you haven’t found clear, drop us a note on help@simpleerb.com

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