customise table settingssimpleERB’s advanced settings allow you to tailor your restaurant to your exact specifications including letting you customise table settings.

The advanced table settings allow you to join tables, amend your default turn times for certain days or dates, rank your tables and close off tables.

Table Joins

Most restaurants will have at least a couple of tables which can be pushed together to make a larger table. simpleERB doesn’t assume that tables can go together but you can tell it that they do in this section. You can have as many different joins as you wish. The more you give, the better flexibility your diary will have when a booking comes in.

Table Ranking

Once you’ve added your joins, you might want to rank your tables so that simpleERB knows which tables to use first. It will automatically assign tables in the order they were added e.g. T1, T2, T3 but you might want to give table 6 away to customers first because it’s in the window and table 1 may be squeezed in under the bar, so your preference might be to only assign this table as a last resort.

Table ranking also allows you to rank table joins you have set up alongside regular tables. If you’d prefer to join two tables of two at the front of the restaurant as a 4 rather than give a table of 4 in the back to a customer, rank your tables like that.

Table Turn

As part of your setup, you’ll probably have selected a table turn time. You may have certain times however where you want to give customers a shorter stay time, say at Saturday lunchtime, when you turn tables quickly. On the other side of that, on a Saturday night, you might give customers the full evening on the table. In advanced Table Turn, you can customise different days and dates to suit your restaurant. You can also remove turn times from all timeslots.

Closed Tables

If you need to close a table off for any reason, simpleERB allows you to close certain tables at specific times. This feature could be handy for you if you don’t want to take bookings for your outdoor terrace durning monsoon season. You might also want to close out a few tables if they are being moved for an event in your restaurant or even if the table has to go for repair!

simpleERB has a wealth of features to make life more simple for you. Create your free account now and customise table settings for your own restaurant.

Everyone been following the Olympics? No? Waiting ’til the track events really get going?

Well, whilst we haven’t caught much of it either, we haven’t missed some of the stories doing the rounds about the lack of catering in venues (go Street Food trucks!) or the healthy or unhealthy meals which are being served in the athletes village.

However, it’s not all negative, we’ve felt a happy feeling reading about the chefs who have been saving food destined for the bin and who are creating up to 5000 meals daily for the poorest residents of Rio. (Chefs) hats off to them!

Your simpleERB widget settings can now be tailored even further to suit your restaurant. As well as closing times from online booking, you can now set a minimum time between online bookings being made and the customer arriving as well as allowing customers to specify if there are any children in the party.

To set up your widget settings, go to advanced settings > booking widget > configure widget in your simpleERB account.

widget settings


The top box on the page lets you set some general features for your widget.

display tables back by message ~ do you want the message to appear telling the customers when they select a timeslot at what time you require the table back by?

display children/infant covers on the widget ~ you can allow the customer to select how many adults, children and babies are in their booking. You can set the age ranges too.

limit future booking availability ~ here you can set how long in advance a customer can make a booking. You could only allow bookings up to a month in advance or you might want customers to be able to book for the next year. Handy if you aren’t ready to take Christmas bookings quite yet!

max covers bookable ~ an old feature in a new home. Let’s you set the largest booking size you’ll accept from an online booking.

minimum time between booking and arrival ~ you asked, we’ve added it. Now you can set how long before a booking a customer is able to make an online booking.times

amending timeslots and dates

In the bottom box of this page you can suspend specific dates or times from online booking. You’ll still be able to manually enter bookings in your system but there won’t be availability showing online for customers.

You can add these close outs as full days which are the same every week or on specific dates and times. You can also just close out particular tables.

All of your close outs show in a list at the bottom of the page, just in case you forgot that you added one!

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