Attention admin.bookings administrators!  “Hotels are missing out on restaurant booking revenue” Micros.

According to a Micros study few hotels offer online booking for their restaurants when customers are booking their rooms. (See below for excerpt*.)  This is a missed opportunity.

simpleERB  gives hotels an easily implemented solution to get people booking your rooms, booked into  your restaurant. Do for your restaurant as well as your hotel 🙂

  • Be up and running in 30 minutes.
  • Free trial. No credit card required. Up to 20,000 covers per annum free.
  • Free widget for your website.

Used in 25 countries and built by, a company with 12 year track record which has processed millions of restaurant bookings.

Get started by setting up your own restaurant here.

*The Micros study said:

Only 6% of the hotels allowed us to make a restaurant  reservation during the online booking process. Not all of the hotels had a restaurant and many others that did suggested that the guest could e-mail or phone up to book a table. However, only 6% allowed the guest to book a table online as part of the online room booking process. Again, for hotels that have dining facilities, this is a missed opportunity to ensure that guests eat in the hotel rather than going elsewhere.

Update April 2014:

simpleERB is now used by Cromlix House,  tennis star Andy Murray’s hotel, voted Scottish Hotel of the Year 2014




This week we’ve released some new features to simpleERB that we think you’ll like.

Rate your meal

Rate your meal

Private reviews

The big news is that we have added the ability for you to get private reviews from customers from their booking confirmation emails.

Customer review form

Customer review form

You can choose whether or not to include a ‘Rate your meal after you dine’ section within your customers’ booking confirmation email. It’s up to you whether you want to include the section or not, you can enable or disable whenever you like.

To enable, from your Advanced Settings, click Get Customer Feedback and simply check the box Enable Customer Feedback. This will put in the ‘Rate your meal after you dine’ section within the email confirmation. You need to have “booking confirmations” enabled in order to send out review requests. (This is in Simple Settings, Restaurant Info).

The customer simply clicks a link after they have dined to send a private review to you. Customers will only be able to send reviews 2 hours after the booking time.

Get customer feedback

Get customer feedback

If they don’t click on the link, they will get a reminder 18 hours after they have dined letting them know that they can review following their meal.

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