We just wanted to give you a quick heads up on the updates we’ve made to simpleERB over the past few days.

We’ve already brought in offers and we’re working towards a few more things to complement this feature.

This week we’ve made a change to the mobile site. Although you can view the full site on mobile, we had a separate site at m.simpleerb.com which we called ‘waiter view’. This previously only listed bookings and could only be read, not amended. Now we’ve added a ‘walkin’ button so you can add bookings quickly to the diary from any mobile device. Ideal for ‘queue busting’!​​

Inside the main site, we’ve made some improvements to the bookings detail page. You can now find customers and auto fill their details based on phone number and email, not just name. It was getting too hard sifting through all the ‘Smiths’!

In reports you can now export customers based on which offer they have booked and in the reviews report, you can download your reviews as a .csv file. There’s also a ‘disappearing customers’ report that allows you to set a reminder to check the report to see which of your regulars may have stopped visiting your restaurant.

Pairing disappearing customers up with offers could allow you to entice them back with a special deal. It also keeps you in contact with your clientele.

We also launched our help centre which over time will give you help, hints and tips on how to get the most out of your simpleERB account.

We’ve added a few things under the hood to improve your experience and squashed some bugs that popped up.

More big things are coming and it’s down to our users that we are developing the things we are. We’ve spoken to a lot of you over the last few months and it’s really given us an understanding into the challenges which restaurants face as well as seeing how differently every restaurant is run!

Thanks again for your support and remember, if you’ve got any queries, feedback or suggestions, get in touch!

Messages for customers is one of our new features which we’ve added on the back of some feedback from users. Many of our users wanted to be able to convey specific information to customers depending on when they have booked.

Those of you who are familiar with our messages for staff feature, will know exactly how this new feature works. Like staff messages, messages for customers allows you to pre-set messages for the benefit of your customers who are booking online. You choose a set of dates and a time when you want the info to be available and when a customer visits you website and tries to make a booking, the info will appear once the customer has selected the time they wish to book.

A few customers have asked if we are going to allow messages for customers appear on the very front page of the widget rather than being dependant on a date, day or time. We might, but in the meantime, the best thing to do would be to use some of the space around your web widget on your own website, to add your own text. For example, this is how Spitfire Barbecue in Bristol do it.

Of course, you could use the messages for customers feature to tie in with your offers, which you can now also add for booking on your simpleERB widget.

We just wanted to let you know about a few updates which we’ve made over the last few weeks. They will probably be the last updates this year but we have loads planned for 2017 and always like to hear if you have any ideas.

As well as squashing the odd bug here and there, we’ve added the ability to add walkin bookings on the mobile waiter view, we’ve fixed the rankings by cover amount and we’ve added additional responsiveness to the horizontal widget so that it looks better on mobile sites.

If you visit m.simpleerb.com on your mobile device, you might have noticed in the past that it just listed your daily bookings. Naturally, the smaller screen means that we can’t display simpleERB on mobile the same way we do on a desktop or laptop, even iPad. However, we challenged our designers to add a bit of usability to the mobile site and the first thing we have added is the ability to add walkin bookings via mobile. Using simpleERB on a phone was always meant to be something which we envisioned front of house staff using to check in customers. Adding a walk in booking is the next logical step for us. What else would you like to do on mobile?

We’ve also tidied up table ranking by cover numbers so that as well as having a general table ranking with all your tables, you can also view your rankings by a certain amount of covers, for example, what order are tables of 4 allocated? This should help you make it easier and more clear for simpleERB to allocate tables.

Finally, using the horizontal widget? Many of you are. You might have noticed that viewing the horizontal widget on a mobile can lead to quite a bit of pinching on your phone screen as you try and zoom in and out. Some websites that aren’t properly optimised didn’t really like the widget all that much but we’ve made some changes to the widget which will resize it based on the size of screen you are viewing it on.

As we said, there’s a lot more in the pipeline and if you’ve got an idea for something you’d like to see in simpleERB, drop us an email on help@simpleerb.com

Your simpleERB widget settings can now be tailored even further to suit your restaurant. As well as closing times from online booking, you can now set a minimum time between online bookings being made and the customer arriving as well as allowing customers to specify if there are any children in the party.

To set up your widget settings, go to advanced settings > booking widget > configure widget in your simpleERB account.

widget settings


The top box on the page lets you set some general features for your widget.

display tables back by message ~ do you want the message to appear telling the customers when they select a timeslot at what time you require the table back by?

display children/infant covers on the widget ~ you can allow the customer to select how many adults, children and babies are in their booking. You can set the age ranges too.

limit future booking availability ~ here you can set how long in advance a customer can make a booking. You could only allow bookings up to a month in advance or you might want customers to be able to book for the next year. Handy if you aren’t ready to take Christmas bookings quite yet!

max covers bookable ~ an old feature in a new home. Let’s you set the largest booking size you’ll accept from an online booking.

minimum time between booking and arrival ~ you asked, we’ve added it. Now you can set how long before a booking a customer is able to make an online booking.times

amending timeslots and dates

In the bottom box of this page you can suspend specific dates or times from online booking. You’ll still be able to manually enter bookings in your system but there won’t be availability showing online for customers.

You can add these close outs as full days which are the same every week or on specific dates and times. You can also just close out particular tables.

All of your close outs show in a list at the bottom of the page, just in case you forgot that you added one!

Setting a minimum time between booking & arrival is one of our neat new features. Set minimum time between booking & arrival in widgetIt allows you to set your online booking widget to only accept bookings a certain period of time in advance.

We’ve said it before but with smartphones commonplace it has never been easier to book a table at a restaurant whilst standing outside and then to walk in 30 seconds later.

Whilst we know that you’d like to have as many customers in the restaurant as you can accomodate we also realise that you might need time to prepare for a table coming in or that you might not have had time to update your diary with the latest walkin booking.

How to add minimum time between booking & arrival to online bookings

To add a minimum time between booking and arrival to your online bookings, go to the widget settings in your simpleERB account and select an interval from the list of times.

This has been one of our biggest feature requests to date. If there’s anything you’d like to see as part of simpleERB, drop us an email!


We alluded to some big changes that we had been making a few weeks back and we’re pleased to say that many of these features have now been launched to simpleERB users in our latest simpleERB updates.

We get a lot of feedback and it’s important for us to understand how our users use simpleERB. Everyone is different and in fact just this morning we saw one of the restaurants who use simpleERB using the system in a completely different way than we had imagined. A guest list for a nightclub.

For the last 6 months we’ve been going through suggestions, developing the ideas and getting further feedback and yesterday, we added some long-awaited features to simpleERB.

Set widget on only allow bookings at certain increments

The biggest query we get from users is; Latest simpleERB updates

“Can I set the booking widget to have a minimum time that people can book online before they arrive. We get people who book and we don’t have enough notice that they are arriving”

Good news! We’ve now added to your widget settings the ability to set your widget to only allow bookings at certain increments in advance of the booking time.

We’ve also updated some of the advanced adatesdjustment menus. Some of these previously were set up so that you if you wanted to change a turn time, or if you wanted to close a date, you had to do this each day or one date at a time. Now you can amend these as a block of dates, on certain recurring days or as you were on a specific date.

New bookings view

In bookings view, we’ve added a new tab that allows you to see all of the bookings which have been added to your diary today regardless of which date in the future they are. Like an activity log. There’s also a downloadable report for this.

To give you a bit more information on a customers booking, we’ve started logging in the booking notes where the booking came from (waiter/widget) as well as leaving a note if a member of staff changes the covers on that booking.

As well as these features, there are a whole host of smaller features and improvements which we have made as well as squashing some pesky bugs that wouldn’t go away. We’ve also still got more improvements up our sleeves!

We hope these features are a welcome addition and don’t forget, if there’s something you’d like to see or if there’s something which you haven’t found clear, drop us a note on help@simpleerb.com

bookingsdisplayWe just wanted to quickly give you a sneak peak at our latest feature, deposits and credit card capture. This is one of the most commonly requested features from our users and it will be one of the biggest updates we’ve made to simpleERB.



You’ll be able to set up deposits for certain days, dates and times dependent on cover size and you’ll also be able to capture credit card details for customers which you may wish to use in the future if they book in advance.

Customers will be able to pay the deposit securely online and you’ll be kept in the loop through simpleERB if the booking is up to date.

We’re currently BETA testing this but we were so excited about it, we just wanted to let you see what we had been up to over the dark months of winter!





simpleERB has gone through quite a few changes in the last couple of years, with more new features in the pipeline, and we noticed the video on our homepage was beginning to look a bit retro. We’d almost forgotten that simpleERB even looked like that.

So, like budding Steven Spielberg’s, we donned our filmmaking hats and settled into our directors chair and came up with the below video. I’m sure the Oscar is in the post…

Feel free to share this with anyone you think might be interested in simpleERB and remember, you can create a completely free account to try all of these features out at simpleerb.com

How do you consistently get messages, important to the day to day running of your restaurant, across to all your staff?

Messages like:
“Remember to ask for customer’s email address.”
“All parties over 10 need to pay a deposit.”
“Get a credit card number for Christmas bookings!”
“We have a live band on Tuesday nights.”

So what are your options?

The notice board? (Who reads it?)
Post-it-Notes on the telephone? (They fall off.)
Notes on their order pads? (They lose them.)
Pre service briefing? (Every time?)
Tattoos on their hands? (Probably not legal.)

It’s hard.

Well, with simpleERB’s latest update, we have made this super easy; you can set up messages for staff to appear on your booking screen in a couple of minutes.

Messages for staff

Messages for staff

Go to Settings > Advanced Settings and from the General Settings menu select Waiter messages. From here you can set up custom messages with different timeframes.

You can decide if they are permanent, (e.g. “Get customers’ emails”), day specific (e.g. “We have a band on Tuesday nights”) or date specific, (e.g. “Get a credit card number for Christmas bookings.”).

The message will appear on the booking pages that the waitperson is seeing.

No more excuses for not getting that crucial information over! And if messages aren’t adhered to, staff names are recorded next to bookings so you can see where the miscommunication occurred.

Messages on booking screen

Messages on booking screen

What you say, another update?! Just a small update this time folks.

Advanced settings

We have rearranged the Advanced Settings to make them easier to navigate. We recommend you take a look through them, many of them will really benefit your restaurant. For instance, did you know you can add links to your social media sites to your customers’ booking confirmation emails? Take a look at the Advanced Settings and see if any could help your restaurant.

Tab to yesterday/tomorrow

We’ve added the ability to tab backwards and forwards to view yesterday and tomorrow on your bookings/diary/grid pages – see image below.

Yesterday / tomorrow

Other recent updates

If you missed any of our other recent updates, read about them from the links below:

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